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-President of the Homeopathic Academy

-Member of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica  Internationalis (LMHI)

-Member of the Education Subcommittee of the

  European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)

-Member of the Athens Medical Association

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Dr. Othonos Athos

President of the Homeopathic Academy

Member of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)

Member of the Education Subcommittee of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)


The promotion of Classical Homeopathy, worldwide, through the teaching of the new method of theClassical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, established by Dr. Othonos Athos and applied by him and his students the last 35 years.

Its main characteristics are:

1. Miasmatic Approach (miasmatic mental and physical characteristics)

2. Constitutional Approach (full similarity with the constitutional picture)

3. Focus on Chronic Illness, i.e. on the State of Clinical Health

4. Artistic Method of Prescribing (focus on the essence and on the whole)

5. Strict employment of all the Homeopathic Laws (Classical Homeopathy)

4. Employment of the Non-Verbal Data in Diagnosis

5. Focus on the Primary Behavior and not on the Secondary one

Participants & Language

-Medical DoctorsDentists and Veterinarians

-English Language (Medium Level)

-No need of any prior knowledge on Homeopathy

Educational Material

A complete, from the scratch, introduction to Classical Homeopathy and, especially, to the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy. It includes full Theory, Materia Medica (Pharmacology), Diagnosis, Treatment, Presentation of Clinical Cases, Case Taking examples, etc. All the educational material, i.e. books, papers, recordings, videotaped lessons, etc. can be found at the English Web Page of Dr. Othonos Athos:

The educational material is divided into Units. Each Unit has multiple goals: it gives knowledge; it helps the participant to develop the Holistic Thinking; it develops skills like observation, focus, discrimination, etc.; it “heals” the healer; it proposes certain Questions and Tasks. The participant can, at the end, check his answers by reading the Answers field.


1. Introduction to the Homeopathic Medicine: History, Present Status Provings, Potentization

2. Introduction to the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy

3. The Universal and Homeopathic Laws; Natrum Muriaticum and the Psoric Miasm

4. The Structure and Function of the Universe and of Man; Medorrhinum and the Sycotic Miasm

5. The Origin and the Etiological Chain of Illness; The Theory of Miasms; The real nature of Constitutions; Description of the Psoric, the Sycotic and the Syphilitic Individual; The Superior and the Inferior Man; The Role of the Doctor; Lachesis and the Syphilitic Miasm

6. The Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Case Taking

7. Intellectual Constitutional Pictures: Lycopodium, Sulphur, Argentum Nitricum

8. Other Syphilitic Constitutional Pictures: Valeriana, Platina

9. Other Psoric Constitutional Pictures: Ignatia, Sepia, Psorinum, Gelsemium, Thuja, Silica

10. Constitutional Pictures: Phosphor, Pulsatilla, Calcarea Carbonica, Stramonium, Cina, Anacardium

11. Constitutional Pictures: Nux vomica, Arsenicum, Hyoscyamus

12. Homeopathic Therapeutics: Follow up; Law of the Course of Illness; Therapeutic Aggravation; Pharmaceutical Proving; Potency Selection; Antidotes; Parallel Treatment

13. Acute Prescribing and correct Repertorising; Acute Materia Medica; Acute Repertory

14. Constitutional Pictures under Special Conditions: Aconitum, Mancinella, Ignatia, Coffea Cruda, Staphisagria, Cannabis Indica, Nitric Acid, Sepia, Psorinum, Aurum Metallicum

15. Less Frequent Chronic Constitutions: Tarentula Hispanica, Palladium, Graphites, Natrum Carbonicum, Alumina, Tuberculinum, Moschus, Lilium Tigrinum, Asafoetida, Cimicifuga

16. Miasmatic and Constitutional Behaviors in Affairs, Sexuality and Family


The E-Learning Program can be followed by the participant, any time he wishes to. He can either do it on his own or he can also ask questions and guidance from the author by email.

Mode of Operation:

-The participant fills in the Contact Form stating his/her intention to participate in the E-Learning Program.

In the Message Area he states his/her full name, gender, age, country of residence and his homeopathic status (none, years of education, years of clinical practice, member of this or that Homeopathic Association, teaching experience, research, etc.)

-He/she attaches a document that states his medical studies (medical doctor, dentist and veterinarian).

-He/she starts the study of the E-Learning and communicates by email for questions and guidance.



Dr. Othonos Athos

42 Keas str. Athens, Greece 112 55

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42, Keas Koliatsou square 11255 Athens

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