By Dr. Othonos Athos

Homeopathic medical doctor

President of the Homeopathic Academy


I thought a lot about how to present in a few minutes, orally or in written form, “What’s the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy?” the new method that I have developed. And then, it all came to my mind. How can I talk about Homeopathy if I don’t talk about its essence: about Similarity? In addition, if I talk about the real, deep meaning of Similarity, then, and only then, one can understand the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy.


Then, it came to me that I just can’t do that by using the Mechanical Materialistic Logic on which Allopathy is based. I’d have to employ the Holistic Logic and the Universal Laws, on which my method is solidly founded. I need to use a holistic analogy. And what’s better than the analogy of a person in love that tries to describe his amore. Always remember: in Homeopathy we are not dealing only with bones, respiratory system, cells and parts. We are dealing with multilevel human beings, we are dealing with the whole. Moreover, in my method we are dealing with that very subtle and fine thing called “essence” of the patient.


Let’s begin by examining our analogy. Can a lover describe his beloved person, if she was, for example, Marilyn Monroe, by saying that Marilyn has long nails or warts? Wouldn’t we all laugh at him, even, wondering if he is truly in love? For God sake, this is only one part of her, it doesn’t represent her as a totality and, in addition, it’s not a characteristic part of her. If he didn’t say her name to us, would anyone recognize that we are in fact, talking about the Marilyn Monroe?


Correspondingly, how can a homeopathic doctor describe and diagnose the totality of a patient by saying “My patient has high fever or urine infection or back pain? Wouldn’t we all laugh at such a description? Wouldn’t that be an allopathic approach, and even then, a miserable one? A “homeopathic” diagnosis based on a single symptom (Symptom Oriented “Homeopathy”) or on a certain disease (Disease Oriented “Homeopathy”) is not only wrong, it’s, with certainty, not Homeopathy.


Prescribing Belladonna for all patients with high fever or Sarsaparilla for all patients with urine infection or Rhus Toxicodendron for every case of back pain, is not Homeopathy. And it’s not Homeopathy because there is no full Similarity between random parts of the body/diseases with the unique person called Marilyn Monroe.


Well, then, do we practice Homeopathy if we take the 10 or 50 more frequently used remedies for back pain and give it all to a patient suffering from back pain? No, that has nothing to do with Homeopathy! Complex “Homeopathy” is not Homeopathy, because it violates the Holistic Logic and all Homeopathic Laws, i.e. the Law of Similarity, the Law of the Whole, the Law of Hierarchy and the Law of Individualization. Even in cooking, if you, randomly, mix bread, meat, tomato, salt and ketchup, that doesn’t mean that you have a burger! Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, never practiced the above mentioned methods.


Someone could say, “What if the lover becomes more specific and detailed in the description of a part of Marilyn? What if he refers to characteristic traits of her body part?” For example, what if he said that her hair are golden blond, thin, moderate long, with the tendency to form curls at the edges? What if, in addition, he went, furthermore, saying “Her hair are like this or that in humid hot weather, like this or that in the morning and like this or that when in motion”. What if he took things a step further, giving us an extra information, that her hair become bulgy when she is angry and oily when she is depressed? Would that enable you to recognize that his amore is Marilyn Monroe? You could be close, but not close enough and not deep enough. You would have characteristic features, you would have more similarity, yet, not enough.


Accordingly, that’s what Hahnemann and his students did! They didn’t prescribe according to the disease, for example, for pneumonia. They’ve prescribed for the characteristic pneumonia of a certain patient, who had characteristic physical modalities of time, temperature, motion, etc. In addition, they took in consideration the psychological modalities of the patient and what emotions and behavior he had during his Acute Illness.


That led to remarkable results because of a greater amount of Similarity. Yet, this Similarity, had to do with the patient and not with the individual. It had to do with the Acute Illness and not with the Chronic Illness, as we, in Homeopathy, call the State of Clinical Health. That’s why for twenty whole years, Hahnemann and his students, dealt quite successfully with the treatment of Acute Illnesses, yet, most of the times, they had poor results regarding Chronic Predispositions.


The common cold of the child was cured, yet, his tendency to catch colds easily, was not! Each time a patient visited his doctor with acute ailments and diseases, he got well, yet, he kept coming back to the doctor, again and again, one time with this disease and the other time with that disease. Something was wrong. Something was missing! That’s why, Hahnemann, after 20 whole years of homeopathic practice, managed to talk about Chronic Diseases and about the Miasms. Nevertheless, he was too old to put these theoretical ideas into the clinical practice and thus change the way that he was taking the case and, furthermore, change the mode of his prescribing. That doesn’t mean that we don’t owe him a lot!


Well, then, it was James Tyler Kent that took things to another level. He had a flourishing clinical practice for years, therefore, he had the chance to observe many individuals not only during the state of Acute Illness, but, also, during the Chronic Illness. By that, I mean, that he could observe them not only as patients but, also, as individuals during the State of Clinical Health.


What he observed weren’t symptoms of a patient. What he observed were characteristicsof the individual, physical and psychological traits, virtues and flaws, i.e. the special individual way that a certain person reacts physically and psychologically during the State of Clinical Health. He came close to the mode of his thinking, his tendency to adopt certain ideas, his tendency to feel certain feelings, his tendency to behave in certain ways. He came across the personality traits, across the character of the person.


And, he, also, came across the main idea of a person. He could decide the “Essence” of a person! For example, he identified the Essence of Sulphur as being “the dirty, rugged philosopher”. Or the essence of Moschus, as being “the hysterical girl who has come to adult age without ever learning what obedience is, being self-willed, obstinate and selfish, having volumes of real and imaginary symptoms”. Kent, set the foundations of the Constitutional Homeopathy, focusing not on the modalities of the symptoms of the patient during the state of Acute Illness, but on the personality traits during the State of Clinical Health. In addition he employed the use of high potencies.


Yet, he only achieved to, roughly, identify the Essence of only a few Constitutional Pictures. Most of the remedies described in his Materia Medica are but a lay out of symptoms. In some cases, he has also identified the physical pathogenetic mechanisms lying behind the physical pathology, for example, the pathogenetic mechanism of Calcium metabolism in Calcarea Carbonica or the role of the salt metabolism in Natrum Muriaticum.


For years and years, he based his diagnosis on the study of Materia Medica, focusing on the whole picture of the patient. Then, he was motivated by his students, most of which, couldn’t understand his Holistic Thinking, to build that mechanical book, the Repertory, which is the blessing and the curse of Homeopathy, from that time on until nowadays. A blessing as a secondary aid and a curse when used as the main tool for prescribing.


By its nature, the Repertory is but a Dictionary of Symptoms. It follows the mechanical logic of strict classifying, of putting things apart. We take the multilevel human being and we break its totality into pieces. A volume for his Mind and a volume for his Body. Then, we break his Body into pieces. A chapter for his Head, another for his Abdomen, another for his Cough and so on. Totality broken to pieces, Similarity broken to pieces!


It’s not wrong to use any Dictionary as a secondary aid, as a simple reminder, especially when you have to do with the chaos of physical symptoms during an Acute Illness. Well, it’s totally wrong, from my experience, to use is as the guiding aid in Chronic Illnesses, when you try to decide the personality and the Essence of an individual during the State of Clinical Health.


Let me give you an analogy. If Chinese is not your mother tongue, can you take a Dictionary of the Chinese Language and carry out a lecture to a Chinese audience? Or, even worse, can you carry out a confession of your love emotions to a Chinese woman? I don’t think so!


Even Kent, the “inventor” of Repertory, in his Preface to this book in the article “Use of the Repertory”, distinguishes between the “MechanicalMethod” of prescribing and the “Artistic Method” of prescribing. The Mechanical Method is but the contemporary method of Repertorising. Hahnemann, never used any kind of Repertory, since there wasn’t such a book at his times. He focused only on the Clinical Pictures of the Materia Medica. Kent, for many years focused only on Materia Medica. Even after the formation of his Repertory, he preferred the Artistic Method that focuses on the whole picture and not on the isolated symptoms.


The Holistic Logic insists that the whole is not just the sum of the parts. There is something more in between the parts. There’s the Vital Force, there’s the Human Soul, there’s the Human Spirit, in between the parts. Man is not a machine or a device! Man is a multilevel, amazing creature and the patient, a homeopathic doctor has in front of him, is but a unique individual. Forgive me for the analogy, but, Repertorising is a mechanical masturbation of the homeopathic doctor’s body and brain while the Artistic Method of Prescribing, is but a magical orgasmic experience of the body, the Vital Force, the Soul and the Spirit of the homeopathic doctor. That’s why I claim that the Repertory, according to its use, is the blessing and the curse of Homeopathy. And the same stands bold for any Key-Note Prescribing and for any Computer Expert System method.


You just can’t put the greatness of Man into a Dictionary of Symptoms in the same way that you just can’t describe orgasm or love with words. That’s why poets and spiritual teachers are forced to use images, pictures, parables and stories, in an effort to touch reality and truth. Only then you can claim to be scientific. Or is it Science or Art anything else but the effort to describe and touch Reality and Truth?


That’s why my method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, focuses on the Essence, on the Personality, on the whole picture of Man as a psychosomatic whole. That’s why the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Materia Medica, focuses on whole pictures and on the Essence. And that’s why the main goal of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Case Taking, focuses on the personality and the essence of the individual and not on the symptoms of the patient. That’s why it focuses on the State of Clinical Health and not on the State of Acute Illness.


And that’s why, because of the deeper and complete Similarity, this new method can go deeper and treat the Chronic Predispositions of the individual. Then, and only then, you treat the deeper causes of Illness, i.e. the Miasmatic and Constitutional Influences. And only then, the child is not only relieved from his present common cold but from his tendency to catch colds. Only then, the individual is elevated to a higher and more stable Level of Health, both physically and psychologically.


It’s impossible to give you, briefly, a full picture of my method, the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy. One needs to have access to more than 25 books of mine (14 translated in English) and to hundreds of videotaped lessons (40 in English) in my web page ( in order to be adequately introduced to this method. Furthermore, one has to sit by me and watch me take the case, accordingly. Nevertheless, he can follow for free the International E-Learning project and the Four Seasons School, in order to have a complete introduction to the method.


Going back to my historical journey to Homeopathy, I must pay tribute to Ortega that have developed the original Miasmatic Theory of Hahnemann applying it to the everyday clinical practice. I have founded the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy on Hahnemann, Kent and Ortega. I have also founded this method on the Holistic Logic and the Universal and Homeopathic Laws.


I have also added many new things, like for example, the complete description of the Psoric, the Sycotic and the Syphilitic Individual during the State of Clinical Health as to intentions, thinking, emotions and behavior. That’s why I call my method Miasmatic. I have also focused on the deep meaning of the phenomenon of Constitutions and Constitutional Influences and that’s why I call this method Constitutional Homeopathy.


I insist on the fundamental discrimination between the Raw Material, the Proving Picture (Artificial Illness), the Clinical Constitutional Picture (Natural Illness), the Constitution and the Homeopathic Remedy. We call all the above different situations with the same name, for example, Phosphor or Nux Vomica, yet, not all Proving Pictures have a complete and full Similarity with naturally existing Clinical Constitutional Pictures. Not all Artificial Illnesses (Proving Pictures) fully correspond to Natural Illnesses (Constitutional Influences).


Therefore, I have come to the realization that not all Proving Pictures lead to Homeo-pathic Remedies, i.e. to similar remedies. The shocking consequence of this realization, is, that, most of the 5000 Proving Pictures existing today, should be removed from the Materia Medicas and should be placed in a Proving Pictures Data Book. Only those Proving Pictures that have full similarity with the naturally existing Clinical Constitutional Pictures should remain in our Materia Medicas. And only those remedies that correspond with full similarity to the Constitutional Clinical Pictures should be considered true homeopathic constitutional remedies.


From my clinical experience, these are limited to only a few decades of deep remedies for the constitutional treatment of Chronic Illnesses and only a few more decades for the treatment of Acute Illnesses. Moreover, when I say deep constitutional treatment, in no way, I mean palliation of symptoms or even of the disease.


Consequently, if we limit the use and study, only to these true Constitutional Pictures/Remedies, and, in addition, if we focus on the psychological characteristics of the person and on the “Essence” of his Whole Picture, then we need no Repertory and no Computer Expert Systems. Because the brain and the heart of Man works with pictures and focuses on the totality.


In the same way that you can talk for hours about your close persons, even predicting how they are going to react on this or that situation, just because you have their Whole Picture and Essence in your heart and brain, in the same way, the doctor who follows the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional method, can talk for hours without any notes or books about this or that Constitutional Picture. And that’s how the teaching of any teacher that has mastered this method, is carried out orally, live, without any notes, books or computers, out of the heart and the mind. You only, occasionally, need the Materia Medica, if you want to be reminded of details in complicated pictures.


Some say that Homeopathy is extremely difficult. I say to you that Repertorising is extremely difficult and boring, while this method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy is easy if one transforms his Mechanical Thinking into a Holistic Thinking. At the same time, this method is fascinating because it explores the abyss of the human Soul in a scientific way. And, most of all, this method is effective and has deep and permanent therapeutic results, lessening the Miasmatic and Constitutional Causes of the Illness of the person.


There are so many other things that I would like to talk to you about, yet, this is only a brief introduction. I could give you some more “snacks” instead of the “whole meal” in order to stimulate your “appetite”, in the form of questions and hints: “What are the Pathology Phases of a person and what’s their significance in homeopathic case taking?” “What’s Primary and Secondary Behavior and how important is this discrimination in prescribing?”  “Pulsatilla and Lachesis both cry a lot. Yet, what’s the intention behind this seemingly similar behavior? Pulsatilla is psoric as to intention and sycotic as to expression while Lachesis is syphilitic. One should prescribe not for the Secondary Behavior, i.e. not for the “mask” or “image” that the patient tends to project to others, but he should prescribe for the Primary Behavior, i.e. for the deeper miasmatic and constitutional tendencies of the individual”. “What’s Non Verbal Information (body type, expressions, appearance, manner of speech, inconsistencies, etc.) and how important are these data, as useful reminders, for prescribing?”


To close my presentation, I would like to go back to our initial analogy. The person in love, can talk about his amore, about Marilyn Monroe, for hours, because he has identified her whole picture and her “essence”. He doesn’t need any kind of Dictionary or any kind of Computer Method. He is not focused on her legs or hands. He is focused on her “Essence” of the “blondie”, i.e. on that unique combination of her sexy, “innocent”, playful, superficial personality with her plethoric, characteristic blond hair and red lips. If he, simply, reads a letter of this woman or if he enters an, unknown to him, house where she lives, then he can identify that this woman is Marilyn Monroe and only Marilyn Monroe. And he is going to be quite sure about it.


Accordingly, the homeopathic doctor that is trained in the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, is in love with the Constitutional Pictures of “Phosphor”, “Valeriana”, etc. and has fully identified them. They are living not only in his mind but also in his heart, in the same way that the pictures of his beloved family members are in his heart and mind. Without any written or electronic aid, he can take the case of the person that he examines, focusing on building his Miasmatic and Constitutional Picture, focusing on the Essence. And then, he will be sure that he has found the deepest and most integral Similarity.

Consequently, he will prescribe the most similar homeopathic constitutional remedy, the one that will lessen the deepest miasmatic and constitutional causes of Illness. Don’t just take my word for it! Test my word! As Kent, said: “There are no authorities in Science! Only Laws!”

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