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of Holistic Thinking / Classical Homeopathy

Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy

Issue 3  -  September 2018




“What if things aren’t as they seem!”
Dear colleagues,
Welcome to the September 2018 issue of the “Holistic Thinking/Classical Homeopathy Journal”.
Here are some simple homeopathic questions and their prevalent answers:

Question: What does a homeopathic Materia Medica include?        
Answer: Homeopathic Remedies.

Question: What does a Homeopathic Materia Medica describe?    
Answer: Diseases.

Question: How many Homeopathic Remedies are there?              
Answer: For the time being, about 5000 but if the future Provings use everything from the plant, animal, mineral Kingdom as well as all the chemical compounds, Homeopathic Remedies can be potentially millions.

Question: Are Phosphorus, Nux Vomica, etc. considered homeopathic remedies?                                                                                          
Answer: Of course, you silly!
What if all the above taken for granted answers are wrong?

What if the Mechanical Thinking leads us to false “allopathic” approaches in Homeopathy? Let me suggest as true answers to the above questions, the following ones according to the Holistic Thinking:
-The Homeopathic Materia Medica includes mainly, Proving Pictures, i.e. Artificial Diseases/Poisoning Pictures and not Homeopathic Remedies!

-The Homeopathic Materia Medica describes Artificial Diseases and not Naturally Existing Diseases!

-The True Homeopathic Remedies are probably not more than 150! All other so-called Homeopathic Remedies are but Proving Pictures that do not correspond with full similarity to Naturally Existing Pictures of Illnesses, i.e. Constitutional Pictures/Influences!

-Phosphorus, Nux Vomica and any other “true” Homeopathic Remedies are only potentially Homeo-pathic Remedies. They act homeo-pathically, only when they are correctly prescribed to a person who has the full picture of Phosphorus, Nux Vomica, etc.!
Well, if you think that the second answers are weird according to the prevailing view, please, read the relevant articles that follow or, better, introduce yourself to the new Holistic Method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy.
Dear colleagues, allow me to remind you of the oncoming Athens International Winter School 2018-19 in December 7-9 2018. (see more information in this issue). If you can’t attend it, you can always watch the videotaped lectures for free from the webpage (
Warm greetings,
Athos Othonos, Editor
Homeopathic Medical Doctor
President of the Homeopathic Academy of Greece
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Introduction to the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy

…«I insist on the fundamental discrimination between the Raw Material, the Proving Picture (Artificial Illness), the Clinical Constitutional Picture (Natural Illness), the Constitution and the Homeopathic Remedy. We call all the above different situations with the same name, for example, Phosphor or Nux Vomica, yet, not all Proving Pictures have a complete and full Similarity with naturally existing Clinical Constitutional Pictures. Not all Artificial Illnesses (Proving Pictures) fully correspond to Natural Illnesses (Constitutional Influences).

Therefore, I have come to the realization that not all Proving Pictures lead to Homeo-pathic Remedies, i.e. to similar remedies. The shocking consequence of this realization, is, that, most of the 5000 Proving Pictures existing today, should be removed from the Materia Medicas and should be placed in a Proving Pictures Data Book. Only those Proving Pictures that have full similarity with the naturally existing Clinical Constitutional Pictures should remain in our Materia Medicas. And only those remedies that correspond with full similarity to the Constitutional Clinical Pictures should be considered true homeopathic constitutional remedies.

From my clinical experience, these are limited to only a few decades of deep remedies for the constitutional treatment of Chronic Illnesses and only a few more decades for the treatment of Acute Illnesses»…
For more information, click here:
The Constitutional Theory: How many Constitutional Pictures/Remedies are there?

“The reason why for 32 years I employ only about 60-70 Chronic Constitutional Homeopathic Remedies and about 100 Acute Constitutional Homeopathic Remedies in every day clinical practice, and yet I have very good therapeutic results is the Universal and Homeopathic Law of the Transformation of Quantity into Quality. For example, take the electromagnetic spectrum, although you have unlimited quantity of Angstrom…”

For more information, click below and watch the two videotaped lectures “Summer School 2017 Constitutional Theory a” and “Summer School 2017 Constitutional Theory b”.

Book Presentation:

Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy

Chapter 3, paragraph 7:

“Only a few chemical compounds, from the numerous ones which exist, are found in abundance in our natural environment. Only a few elements of the Periodic Table of Elements exist in abundance in Nature. In fact, the majority of the Elements are not only rare but also unstable or existing under specific “laboratory” conditions.

Accordingly, despite the billions of different people on Earth, only a few disorders of the Human Etheric Body exist as different and separated entities which are produced by only a few naturally existing Constitutions. That’s the reason why only a few of the thousands of the Proving Pictures correspond to naturally existing forms of Illness/Clinical Pictures and consequently to Naturally Existing Human Constitutions.

The few dozen of the Constitutions which correspond to the naturally existing forms of Chronic Illness, I have called Chronic Constitutions. The few hundreds of the Constitutions that correspond to the naturally existing forms of Acute Illness, I have called Acute Constitutions.

The thousands of the Proving Pictures which do not correspond to naturally existing Acute or Chronic Illness/naturally existing Constitutions, I have called Toxicology Pictures or Poisoning Pictures or Artificial Laboratory Pictures or Artificial Illnesses. The substances used for the latter, even if they are potentized, cannot be regarded as homeopathic remedies since they have no similarity to naturally existing Illnesses!”»”


More information

Place: Amphitheater of Red Cross Hospital,
Erithrou Stavrou and Athanasaki 1, 115 26 Ambelokipi, Athens
Join the Winter School 2018


Friday 7
Case Presentations and analysis by the method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy

Saturday 8
Introduction to the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy which is based on the Holistic Thinking. Comparison with other methods of homeopathic diagnosis based on the Mechanical Thinking (Repertorising, Key-Note Prescribing, Computer Expert Systems) or on the Allopathic Thinking (Disease Oriented Clinical Diagnosis, Complex Homeopathy).

Description of the Constitutional Pictures of Phosphor, Pulsatilla, Nux Vomica, Argentum Nitricum; Focus on their miasmatic profile and on their essence.

14:00: Lunch at a nearby Greek restaurant (registration needed)

Sunday 9
The Art and Science of the Homeopathic Case Taking according to the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy. Focus on the miasmatic and constitutional psychological profile during the State of Clinical Health, i.e. focus on the individuals' character/personality. How do we ask? Evaluation of the characteristics of the person. The importance of the Background of the individual, his Non-Verbal Behavior and his Secondary Behaviors (masked behaviors/projected social image).
-Live Case Taking and Case Presentations and analysis by the method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy
For more information, click here


International E-Learning on Classical Homeopathy

“I will ask you a very simple, and maybe somebody could say idiotic or stupid question. And I will ask this question to homeopathic doctors that have practiced Homeopathy for 5, 10, 20 or 30 years: “What do we have in a Materia Medica? What are the entries that exist in our Materia Medicas?” To make it more clear “What is Valeriana, Phosphor, etc. included in our Materia Medicas?”

Somebody could easily say that these are drugs, i.e. homeopathic remedies. Ok, but is it only that found in this book? No, it’s not. What was first included in the Materia Medicas? Proving Pictures, that is, symptoms and signs and modalities of symptoms. Somebody could say “Why do you say the same thing twice? Proving Pictures are but Homeopathic Remedies!” I say no! It’s not! That’s a great mistake!”
For more information, see the two videos “2nd International Homeopathy Lesson part a” and “2nd International Homeopathy Lesson part b” by clicking here
Constitutional Pictures (Materia Medica)

Description of the Constitutional Picture
of Natrum Muriaticum


A passage from the book “Homeopathy: Materia Medica vol.1” about the Constitutional Picture of Natrum Muriaticum:

3.13 The Psoric, the Sycotic and the Syphilitic Egoism
Natrum Muriaticum is egoistic in a psoric way. She does not want her psoric pride to be hurt. She would like her image of dignity not to be spoiled. She does not want the doctor to change his good opinion about her. She will not be able to see him in the eyes next time he meets her and she may never come back again.

-What is the difference between the psoric, the sycotic and the syphilitic egoism?

-A psoric person has this type of egoism: “I want to be OK with my principles and I am proud of this fact. I want to be virtuous not only in the eyes of God but also in the eyes of other people and in the eyes of the society in general”.

-So, a psoric egoistic person cares for his good image to other people?

-Yes, that’s true. But there are many kinds of psoric egoism, one for each constitutional picture. For instance, Lycopodium cares for his public image. His motto is: “Many people have hated money but none has hated fame!” He cares a lot about his public image; His image has to do with his education, his civilized and refined manners, his artistic temperament and his psychological evolution. It’s the egoism of the intellectual person.

The Natrum Muriaticum’s image, on the other hand, has to do with morality, dignity, honor and principles. She is proud inside, thinking that she is a moral person, an idealist, a good mother with obedient and gentle children and a respected family. She is proud to be sensitive, well-educated, refined and romantic.

The Sycotic egoism, on the other hand, is: “I am a tough guy, strong, risky, handsome, full of muscles, a “macho” man, the perfect male, the lady-killer or the tough woman (for a woman). I know how to enjoy life, to spent money, to drink barrels of whisky, to eat tones of meat and chops, to fuck hundreds of women. I am the first hunter or fisherman, first in risky sports, the toughest soldier and the fastest driver. I am made out of steel! No fear! No pain! No doctors! No diseases can touch me! I am the man! I am the male!” (laughs)

The Syphilitic egoism is: “I am the smartest of all, the most cunning person, I have got the brains! I can do others what I ever want. I can manipulate all of them and not even be aware of it! I am the King! I am God! Or I am the Queen or a Goddess, especially the goddess of beauty (for a woman)! I am mean, nasty, evil, vicious and bad. I can be as cruel as I like! I am the one!”
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