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of Holistic Thinking / Classical Homeopathy

Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy

Issue 2  -  May 2018


“The Miasmatic Approach
 is the Key to Chronic Constitutional Prescribing”
Dear colleagues,
Welcome to the second issue of the “Journal of Holistic Thinking/Classical Homeopathy”.

It took Hahnemann 20 years of homeopathic practice and theoretical pondering to discover the underlying existence of Miasms in Chronic Diseases. Nevertheless, he didn’t have the time to apply the Miasmatic Theory into clinical practice as a specific Miasmatic Method of Prescribing. It was James Tyler Kent and then Pascuero and Ortega that contributed to this great task.

Nowadays, there are so many Schools of Homeopathy that claim to deal with Miasms. Nevertheless, most of the times, this means that they simply have the miasmatic theory into their curriculum. Some other Schools try to classify rubrics of the Repertory, either physical or psychological as being mostly psoric, sycotic or syphilitic.

The Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy has managed to identify not only the miasmatic behavior of a patient at the State of Acute Illness but the intentions, the way of thinking, the emotions, the behavior and the masked secondary behavior of the psoric, the sycotic and the syphilitic individual at the State of Clinical Health, i.e. his character, his personality, his psychological profile.

Furthermore, this miasmatic knowledge transformed the usual Materia Medica into a Miasmatic Materia Medica where each Constitutional Picture/Remedy is described and analyzed miasmatically as to its essence and psychological profile.

In addition, the usual homeopathic case taking has been transformed by the miasmatic approach. The doctor having in mind the deep knowledge of the psoric, sycotic and syphilitic individual as well as the miasmatic tint of each and every constitutional picture/remedy can interpret the answers and the general behavior of the patient in order to prescribe according to his miasmatic and constitutional identity. That’s why this method of diagnosis is called Miasmatic Constitutional Diagnosis.

This issue of the Holistic Thinking/Classical Homeopathy is dedicated to the miasmatic approach of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy. I hope that it will give you a new perspective.
Let me remind you of the oncoming Athens International Summer School 2018 (see more information in this issue). If you can’t attend it, you can always watch the videotaped lectures for free from my webpage.

Warm greetings,

Athos Othonos, Editor

Homeopathic Medical Doctor
President of the Homeopathic Academy of Greece

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Join the Summer School 2018

Friday 18
Case Presentations and Analysis

Saturday 19
Differential Diagnosis of Fears: Characteristics of the fears of the psoric, the sycotic and the syphilitic individual. Characteristics of the fears of the main Chronic Constitutional Pictures/Remedies. Is fear a normal response? Why are we afraid?
Departure for a Spring excursion to a farm in Marathon. Recreation, food and discussion: “Miasms and Nature: How Miasms affect the Material World around us and our Psychology? Why they can create disease and unhappiness? What can one do about it?” (registration needed, companion and children are welcomed)

Sunday 20
Live Case-Taking and analysis by the method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy
Case Presentations, discussion
For more information, click here

Athens International Four Seasons School on Classical Homeopathy

• Goal: The promotion of Classical Homeopathy, worldwide, through the free teaching of the new method… for more information click here

• The Miasmatic Theory:
Watch the videos “Winter School 2017 January 27 part A a and b” here


International E-Learning on Classical Homeopathy

Goal: The promotion of Classical Homeopathy, worldwide, through the teaching of the new method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy... more information

Lesson 4: The Psoric Miasm and the Natrum Muriaticum Constitution
Lesson 5: The Sycotic Miasm and the Medorrhinum Constitution
Lesson 6: The Syphilitic Miasm and the Lachesis Constitution

See the videos “4th International Homeopathy Lesson parts a, b and c” and “5th International Homeopathy Lesson parts a and b” and “6th International Homeopathy Lesson parts a, b and c” by clicking here 


Book Presentation:

E-Learning Classical Homeopathy

Summary: Is there, a complete E-Learning Course, able to take a medical doctor, dentist or veterinarian by the hand and lead him from zero knowledge to a deep introduction into the Classical Homeopathy? 

The answer is “yes”! This E-Learning Course is the outcome of dozens of years of teaching and clinical practice of the author. It was designed according to the Holistic Thinking and according to the Universal Laws, both of which are the foundations of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, developed by the author. 

What is the “essence” of this method? What makes it unique, functional and effective in therapeutic action? It’s the focus on the identification of the doctor, in his mind and heart, of the holistic Miasmatic and Constitutional Pictures! 

Why is it possible for anyone to talk for hours, without any kind of notes, about his close ones, describing them in full details, even predicting of how they will react in this or that situation? It’s because he has identified the picture of the beloved person inside his mind, not by memorizing hundreds of partial information, but by focusing on the “essence” and on the whole. It’s, also, because he hasn’t only used his mind, but instead he has used his heart and his whole existence. Man, by nature, tends to function in a holistic way and so does his brain and heart. Mechanical, Materialistic Thinking employed by the usual Educational System, spoils this natural holistic way of learning and acting. 


More information


The Miasmatic Theory

Extract from the book: The Theory of Miasms

1.11 Are the Miasms only three?

Nowadays, there’s a tendency from some homeopathic doctors to support the idea of many more “Miasms” than the “primary” ones. I strongly believe that in life and much more in Science, any Science we support, must be based on Universal Laws if we want to stay tuned to reality and truth. Or else, we may end up like psychologists! Each one creates a new “School” believing that he has the absolute truth! 
Miasms are only three and will remain that way, simply because they correspond to fundamental states of the World of Duality/Diversity. The Psoric Miasm corresponds to the Yin Disorder (Lack), the Sycotic Miasm corresponds to the Yang Disorder (Abundance) and the Syphilitic Miasm corresponds to the Unity Disorder (destruction, lack of unity, egoism, perversion).
All those “new” “Miasms”, like the Tubercular or Cancerous, are not general, naturally existing Tendencies/Disorders. They are simply morbific influences with limited anatomical and functional boundaries so they cannot be considered General Tendencies and Miasms. That is the reason why you will not find any corresponding features of the Tubercular or the Cancerous “Miasm” in material things, lower energies, weather conditions, that is, to things, qualities and creatures of the whole World of Diversity.
This new “fashion” for the discovery of “new” Miasms comes from the false idea that Miasms origin from the influence, through centuries, of the certain wide-spread diseases such as Psora-the Itch Disease, Sycosis-Gonorrhea and Syphilis. Well, this is definitely not true! Moreover, Hahnemann never proposed such a thing. The utilization of this terminology was done simply as a reminder of the characteristics of each Miasm.

Constitutional Pictures (Materia Medica)
A passage from Materia Medica vol.1 about the Constitutional Picture of Medorrhinum:

4.24 “Nick the Greek!”

All inquiries about morality, future life and saving one’s soul seem to him so incomprehensible, so strange and theoretical, so stupid, so boring that he doesn’t bother dealing with it. He just cares to live his life; to get laid and enjoy life. If he wants to seduce a pretty girl, he may employ – apart from his manly body and his cabriole - several superficial slogans like: “Gosh! You are such a goddess!” “I am struck by lightning!” “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” “Gosh, you are so hot!”

It reminds me of the picturesque “traditional” Greek womanizer that we used to call “Nick the Greek!” He goes around with his cabriolet and his expensive, gold watch, has learned five words in English and with his terrible accent he says to the beautiful female tourist: “Me, buy you drink” (laughs). He will take her to the most expensive pub or tavern, or will buy her souvlaki and beer or even a present and then he will pop up the final phrase: “Baby, you, me, sex, together!” (more laughs)

Sometimes, he is so honest and direct to his intentions. He thinks: “She accepted me buying her a meal, drinks and presents; now it’s “pay time”; she ought to get laid with me! Who does she think I am? A sucker?” That’s his straight attitude. He is the young villager that will get laid with the tall, blond, Swedish girl just to show off to the local society; he doesn’t care about her religion or race as long as she is good at bed and beautiful to show around; if she also has money things get better; if she doesn’t grumble and she is cool, even better; he may even marry her; he doesn’t have any problem to do so.
-What do you mean when you say he is an “easy rider”?
-I mean he is “cool”; he is relaxed; has no big attachments to usual everyday things; he is strong enough to survive with the least effort; he is OK with this situation but also OK with that, as well; he doesn’t have strict principles; he follows the stream of life, always taking care to enjoy it. That doesn’t mean that he will be slimy or a creep; he is not the man that bends to authorities; he may even give his life so as not to lose his freedom or so as not to be considered a coward or a “pussy”. Not that he is the conscious patriot that dies for a purpose; he simply, resists promptly and directly to any suppression so as not to be considered as a coward.

So, you will never find him as a fanatic fan of a political party or of a religion; he is definitely a fanatic football fan or a fanatic fan of fun! You may, of course, see a Medorrhinum taxi driver make the sign of the cross when passing near a church but at the next corner he may curse Jesus or Mother Mary when someone blocks his way with his car. Or he may go to the church with his family on Sundays, as it is a custom, but if the priest grumbles to him about money donation, he may say: “Shut up you old goat, you bloody priest; haven’t you had enough!”
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