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of Holistic Thinking / Classical Homeopathy

Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy

Issue 1  -  March 2018


“You cannot promote true Homeopathy
if you don’t promote Holistic Thinking”
Dear colleagues,
Welcome to the first issue of the “Newsletter of Holistic Thinking/Holistic Homeopathy”, the new international scientific newsletter in the field of Health.

Samuel Hahnemann was not simply the founder of the new Homeopathic Therapeutic System. He was, above all, the founder of modern Holistic Energy Medicine. He did that by employing the first principles of Holistic Thinking (Homeopathic Laws), scientific methodology (Triple Blind Trial/Provings) and energy pharmacology (Potentization). A similar revolution was initiated at his time in other fields of science like in Physics (Quantum Physics) and in Mathematics (Riemann’s Geometry).

Hahnemann created what we, nowadays, call Classical Homeopathy, i.e. the kind of Homeopathy that is based strictly on Laws and scientific methodology. Nevertheless, nowadays, what prevails in homeopathic practice is either the non-homeopathic schools of Complex “Homeopathy” or Clinical (disease oriented) “Homeopathy” or the Mechanical Schools of Homeopathy (Repertorising, Key-Note Prescribing, Computer Expert Systems, etc.).

The aim of this “Newsletter of Holistic Thinking/Holistic Homeopathy” is to contribute to a return back to the principles of Classical Homeopathy, i.e. back to the strict application of Homeopathic Laws in theory, diagnosis and treatment. A contribution to this goal is the method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy founded by the author after 35 years of homeopathic practice.  

This method is promoted through books (32 books, 11 translated in English), seminars in Greek language (Homeopathic Academy, accredited teaching center of the European Committee for Homeopathy) and international institutions (English language) like the
1. International E-Learning on Classical Homeopathy and the
2. Athens International Four Seasons School on Classical Homeopathy. For further information, you can “surf” through the topics of this issue.

Once again welcome to this first issue of the Newsletter of Holistic Thinking/Holistic Homeopathy which, I hope, you will find quite interesting.

Warm greetings,

Athos Othonos, Editor

Homeopathic Medical Doctor
President of the Homeopathic Academy of Greece
Curriculum of Dr. Athos Othonos

Dr. Othonos was born in Cyprus in 1959. He received his degree in Medicine at the Athens Medical University in 1985. During his third year as a medical student, in 1982, he was introduced to Homeopathy…  more information

Homeopathic Academy: a non-profit scientific medical association for the promotion of Classical Homeopathy worldwide

In 2007, the later founding members of Homeopathic Academy, met and participated in a two-year homeopathic seminar… more information

International E-Learning on Classical Homeopathy

Goal: The promotion of Classical Homeopathy, worldwide, through the teaching of the new method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy... more information
Introduction to Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, part A

1. Why are there so many Schools in Homeopathy? Main Schools
2. Let’s take the case historically: Hahnemann: Disease-Based Diagnosis, theory of Miasms
3. Kent: Constitutional Homeopathy, Repertorising, Key Note Prescribing
4. Today: Computer Expert Systems, Sensation Homeopathy, Complex “Homeopathy”
Introduction to the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, part B

1. Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, Constitution, Chronic and Acute Illnesses-Constitutions, Homeopathic Laws, Law of Hierarchy, symptoms and characteristics, Miasmatic Constitutional Materia Medica
2. Miasmatic component, examples
3. Primary and Secondary Behavior
4. Homeopathic Case Taking, Non-Verbal Information, Background, Script, Whole Picture, Essence
5. Miasmatic Differential Diagnosis
6. Potency, Repetition, Aggravation, Acute Prescribing, Second Prescription
For more information see the videos “2nd International Homeopathy Lesson part a and b” and “3rd International Homeopathy Lesson parts a, b and c” by clicking here 
Athens International Four Seasons School on Classical Homeopathy

• Goal: The promotion of Classical Homeopathy, worldwide, through the free teaching of the new method… for more information click here

• An example of Live Case Taking:
Watch the videos “Summer School 2017 Live Case Taking a, b and c” for a case of Sulphur-Lycopodium by the method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy here

• An example of Case Presentation:
Watch the videos “Summer School 2016 Case 4a and 4b” for a case presentation by the method of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy here
Place: Amphitheater of Red Cross Hospital,
Erithrou Stavrou and Athanasaki 1, 115 26 Ambelokipi, Athens

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Introduction to the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy

I thought a lot about how to present in a few minutes, orally or in written form, “What’s the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy?” the new method that I have developed… more information

Book Presentation:

Homeopathy: Materia Medica vol. 1
(Constitutional Pictures of Natrum Muriaticum and Medorrhinum)

Summary: “Imagine that a certain Science has managed to identify and describe, in details, all the existing human personalities, all the existing human types: mode of thinking, special emotions and mode of behavior; how, each personality, tends to behave in affairs, sexuality, family, politics, religion, profession, etc.; in addition, what kind of physical and psychological diseases, each personality, tends to develop. 

Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Moreover, imagine that this identification has been done in an objective and scientific way. That is, not only through clinical observation, but, on top of that, through the scientific methodology of the Double Blind Trial. To add, imagine that this Science has succeeded in finding a way to minimize the extreme features of each personality, therefore, contributing to the prevention, as well as, to the cure of the above mentioned physical and psychological diseases, in the most harmless and natural way.

Well, this isn’t some kind of imagination! This is a reality! It’s the reality of the everyday clinical practice of the Homeopathic Medicine and, especially, of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, developed by the author.

In the volumes of this book, the writer describes in a scientific, yet fascinating and simple way, the Constitutional Pictures that affect all of us. Would you like to know, in the deepest way, yourself, your companion, children, parents and friends? Then, you, definitely, must read this book!”

More information


The Miasmatic Theory

Extract from the book: The Theory of Miasms

2.5 Psoric’s God is stern Zeus!
The Psoric is fan of order, hierarchy, rightness and morality, yet not in a natural and conscious manner. His attitude towards the Divine isn’t free, relaxed or flexible. He tends to exaggerate; to idealize tremendously.

For him, God is something very high above; out of reach or comprehension; absolute and mysterious; so far away from him, so high above. Compared to God he is so small, so worthless, trivial and insignificant. So, he must exercise absolute respect, and absolute faith; he must surrender to the Creator!

In fact, the Psoric tends towards fear of God. He also tends to feel guilt for his sins. His weaknesses and flaws are in such a terrible contrast to his idealized perfectness, rightness, fairness and kindness of God. His God is stern Zeus or even cruel Jehovah of the Old Testament.

However, he could also easily believe not to the cruel, stern Jehovah of the Old Testament but to the kind and full of love Jesus of the New Testament. In such a case, he would be characterized by extreme and idealized love and kindness towards people. You see, what’s common in both seemingly contrary attitudes is, once again, the tendency for psoric, exaggerated idealization.

Constitutional Pictures (Materia Medica)

An extract from the book Materia Medica vol.2 about the Constitutional Picture of Lachesis

5.4 Usual options of the children of a Lachesis mother: the “emasculated”, the “rebellion” and the “dominant”
If you have such a dominant, oppressive mother you have mainly three options according to your miasmatic and constitutional background. If you are a psoric person with weak background then due to oppression and guilt you become emasculated, “castrated”. You become coward, dependent, submissive and yielding; you develop lack of self-confidence; you have lack of will and almost no personality of your own; you are full of guilt and taboos.

That’s the outcome of the smother love: you become a mother’s boy not so much in the sense of a spoilt child but in the sense of the castrated, dependent, coward boy. If you are a girl things are not so bad. If you are a boy then you’ve certainly won the lottery! You never grow to be a man; an independent, masculine human being; no wonder why many such boys become effeminate or even homosexuals of the passive type.

However, when a Lachesis mother gives birth to a sycotic or Medorrhinum boy, then both of them have won the lottery; nobody yields; she faces a child that is wild and independent by nature; one that rarely falls to the traps of guilt and emotional blackmail; he wants to enjoy life his own way and will fight to the end for his freedom, no matter what. As soon as he grows older, the war begins and nobody steps back; a civil war; a family war.

The mother cries out: “This kid will drive me to the grave” and presses her husband, her other kids and all other relatives, even the teacher and the priest, in an alliance under her leadership against this wild sycotic child. The rebellion child, on the other side, shouts and yells: “Get off my back, all of you! I’m not going to do things your own way! You are a crazy old woman and I am not going to be your slave! Do whatever you want! I’d rather die than yield!”

It’s obvious that they both have hit the jack pot! The mother suffers from not being able to dominate and the child suffers because he may not yield to oppression but due to reaction he becomes unbalanced; his sycotic characteristics become exaggerated and he goes to the extremes; his mother instead of balancing his sycotic characteristics, contributes towards their exaggeration.

Therefore, out of reaction, the boy will surrender to the unlimited enjoyment of life; he will yield to all kinds of excesses; drinking, smoking, bad companies, spending the night in fun; he will also abandon studying and create all kinds of misbehavior at school; that is, he will do just the opposite of what his mother tells him with her never ending grumbling. Such youngsters have so much anger inside them that they lose control and may end up in drugs or in illegal actions; they may become members of a gang or even create their own gang to which they are the leaders.

That’s the usual reaction of a sycotic child. You see how important are miasms in order to understand everyday life? Moreover, how critical is, such knowledge in homeopathic prescribing?”
Copyright © 2018 Homeopathic Medical Doctor, All rights reserved.

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