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-President of the Homeopathic Academy

-Member of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica  Internationalis (LMHI)

-Member of the Education Subcommittee of the

  European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)

-Member of the Athens Medical Association









Liga Medicorum Homeopathic Internationalis (LMHI) is an international, non-profit Homeopathic Medical Society representing medical doctors in more than 70 countries. It was established in Rotterdam in 1925.



-the development and securing of Homeopathic Medicine worldwide

-the creation of a link among licensed homeopaths with medical diplomas and societies and persons who are interested in Homeopathy


Partial Goals:

-to make an inventory of homoeopathic educational programs all over the world
-to promote a program of basic teaching standards in Homoeopathy
-to promote high-quality scientific homoeopathic research worldwide

-to promote the exchange of results of homoeopathic research

-to promote guidelines for remedy proving

-to promote a favorable attitude in the world towards Homoeopathy

-to promote integration of Homoeopathy in primary and secondary healthcare



-In 2013 LHMI moved its offices from Geneva to Kotthen (Anhalt) Germany to the “Hahnemann House”, 06366 Köthen, Wallstrasse 47, Germany



1. Institutional Members:

National Homeopathic Organizations and Institutions. Their members are medical physicians, veterinary surgeons, dental surgeons and pharmacists with special training in Homoeopathy for which they possess LMHI recognized diplomas

2. Individual Full Members:

Only if there is no national organization that offers institutional membership

3. Associate Members:


All other persons with qualifications recognized nationally. They have undertaken LMHI-recognized homeopathic training and include medical students, mathematicians, chemists, physicists, licensed naturopaths, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and generally all who are able by their endeavors to advance Homeopathy. 

Admission to membership is decided by a two-thirds majority of the International Council in attendance.

Persons whose national homeopathic organization pays collective LMHI dues are members by virtue of that association.These members are voting members.



1. International Council

-composed of the elected National Vice Presidents (one for each country)

-elects or removes the Executive Committee and the Vice President, appoints other Working Committees, elects new members

-annual meeting at the annual Congress


2. Executive Committee

-Consists of the President, Past President, Vice President, General Secretary, other Secretaries, Treasurer

-elected for 3 years by simple majority


National Vice-Presidents

-Each country is represented by one National Vice President that represents all institutional national members of that country

-The National Vice-Presidents are the permanent link between the International Council and the national homoeopathic organizations. Their duties are the following:

-they submit annual reports of the activity and development of Homeopathy in their country and annual updated directory of the homeopathic institutions, physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians and dentists in their country

-they strive to include all national professional homoeopathic associations and individual homoeopathic practitioners into the LMHI



Evin Turkay
1388 sok. No:6/2 Alsancak
35220 Izmir TURKEY
Fax : 00-90-232-4650406
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Non profit Homeopathic Medical Association


Homeopathic Academy is:

-Full Member of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)

-Accredited Teaching Center of ECH

-Member of the Educational Subcommittee of ECH

-Can grant the European Diploma for Homeopathy for medical doctors that have completed its free three year educational program that meets the standards set by ECH and LMHI (Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis)

What’s European Committee for Homeopathy in a few words? For more information you can go to the web site of ECH by






1. Legal Form

-an international non-profit scientific, educational and philanthropic association representing 40 Homeopathic Medical Associations in 25 European Countries, about 6500 members.

-Founded by members of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LIGA) in 1990.


2. Mission

-promotes the scientific development of homeopathy

-ensures high standards in the education and practice of homeopathy by medical doctors

-harmonizes professional standards in homeopathic practice across Europe

-provides high-quality homeopathic care in a medical context

-integrates high-quality homeopathy into European healthcare


3. Headquarters

ECH: In Brussels, Belgium

Secretariat: Evergem, Belgium


4. Members

-Full Members:

-individuals or organizations that consist of medical doctors with homeopathic education approved by the Educational Subcommittee of ECH

-can vote and can be elected for the Council of ECH

-Associate Members:

-individuals or organizations that don’t yet meet the criteria for full membership

-can participate in discussions


5. Administration

a. Council:

-from 3-25 members elected by the General Assembly for a period of 4 years

-consists of the officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and the coordinators of all Subcommitees

-meetings every April and November

b. General Assembly:

-election and dismissal of Council Members

-approval of budgets and accounts


c. Subcommittees:

-set up or dissolved by the Council

-directed by a coordinator ex-officio member of the Council, nominated by it after consultation with the subcommittee and elected by the General Assembly

-each country may be represented by at least one full member at each subcommittee


Documentation Subcommittee 

Education Subcommittee 

Patients/users Subcommittee 

Pharmacy Subcommittee 

Political Subcommittee 

Provings Subcommittee 

Research Subcommittee 

ECH Accredited Teaching Centers

-their teaching program and examinations comply with the requirements as laid down in theECH-LMHI Medical Homeopathic Education Standards

Accreditation Regulations:

1. Independent individual teaching centers,National Federations of teaching centers orHomeopathic Doctors’ Associations that are members of ECH

2. The Educational Subcommittee examines the application but the Council approves and issues a certification valid for 6 years renewable


Educational Standards:

-thorough knowledge of at least 100 remedies from a list of 250

-knowledge other less frequent remedies

-formal training, assignments, clinical exercises (paper cases, video cases, live cases), supervised clinical experience (watching, guided case taking) and consultancy on unsupervised case taking and treatment

-at least 250 hours of formal tuition

-at least 250 hours of clinical practice

-at least 100 hours of unsupervised private study

-a sum of at least 600 hours of total training

-Continual Professional Development




Scientific Medical Non Profit Association

Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy


-Member of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)

-Member of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH) 


The history of Homeopathic Academy

Seven years ago, in 2007, the later founding members of Homeopathic Academy, met and participated in a three-year homeopathic seminar for doctors, dentists, and veterinarians run by Dr. Othonos Athos. Most of them were already members of other Homeopathic Medical Associations. Some of them have been practicing Homeopathy for decades, others were practicing it the last few years.

The common ground for discussion and cooperative action was the realization that although in the beginning what prevailed in homeopathic practice in Greece was Classical Homeopathy, the last many years, things have changed dramatically. Methods that violate homeopathic laws like Symptom or Disease Oriented "Homeopathy" or even worse, methods like Complex "Homeopathy" were spreading fast. Moreover, many homeopathic doctors have turned into practicing mechanical Repertorization, superficial Key-Note Prescribing or mechanical prescribing by the aid of Computer Expert Systems.

Accordingly, the latter mechanical and superficial methods of prescribing have also prevailed in homeopathic education. The trainee, most of the times, after completing his homeopathic education, found himself unable to practice Homeopathy independently and efficiently and had to choose between giving up homeopathic practice or becoming dependent on homeopathic firms.

Such was the reality in the field of Homeopathy in Greece when the founders of this homeopathic association decided to establish Homeopathic Academy in 2013. In the meantime, the original educational program of 2007 was expanded and enriched and became the official educational program of Homeopathic Academy.


Just another Homeopathic Medical Association?

The aim of the founders was not to create just another isolated homeopathic medical society “of their own”. It was crucial that the negative experience of the past become a lesson for the present and future of Homeopathy in Greece. So, the new association was established on strict principles that would promote unity, solidarity, pluralism and integral scientific education. Homeopathic Academy is addressed both to medical doctors (basic training) and to medical doctors already practicing or studying Homeopathy (post-training).

The aim is to “produce” independent, self-efficient, knowledgeable, open-minded medical scientists with holistic thinking and attitude. Scientists that can apply Homeopathy either as main or complementary therapeutic practice in all forms of medical practice (private practice, group practice, hospitals, acute and chronic illnesses, emergencies, etc.). Homeopathic doctors that work according to the principle of unity and cooperation with other homeopathic doctors and with the General Medical Community.



The promotion of Homeopathic Medicine among the Medical Community and the general public, in Greece and abroad



Medical Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists and students of the above fields


Our Principles

The founding seven principles that govern Homeopathic Academy and its Board of Directors are specifically mentioned in the Articles of Association and are briefly the following:

1. Scientific Pluralism

Respect of different scientific opinions and hosting of all scientific opinions in its educational program and activities

2. Scientific Homeopathy based on Laws

Law of Similarity, Law of the Whole, Law of Hierarchy, Law of Individualization, Law of the Direction of Cure

3. Scientific Adequacy

Homeopathy should be practiced only by medical doctors, dentists and veterinarians that are adequately trained in Homeopathy

4. Holistic Therapeutic Thinking

The patient must be dealt as a whole both diagnostically and therapeutically. The homeopathic doctor must be acquainted with all therapeutic systems and, where needed, should employ more than one system if possible. Otherwise, he should cooperate with doctors of other therapeutic systems

5. Unity in Homeopathy and between Homeopathic and the Medical Community

Unity and cooperation among homeopathic doctors, among homeopathic medical associations and among the Homeopathic and the Medical Community

6. “Benefit; do not harm”

The doctor must abstain from diagnostic or therapeutic actions that can harm the patient in any way

7. Moral and Scientific Integrity

Abstaining from any cooperation, financial or other, with speculative enterprises in the field of Health, even if it’s done under the cover of charity towards the patients



By now, despite its short existence, Homeopathic Academy has achieved a lot.

-Is a Member of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LHMI)

-Is a Member of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)

-Is a Member of the Educational Subcommittee of the ECH

-Is an Accredited Teaching Center of the ECH

-It grants the European Diploma for Homeopathy issued by ECH for medical doctors after the successful completion of a free three-year educational course by the candidate. This program meets the standards set by ECH and LMHI (Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis)

-Has achieved an important bridge for communication and cooperation with the General Medical Community, since its educational program for the academic year 2014-15 was conducted at the amphitheater of Microbiology at the Athens Medical School of the State University of Athens and from there on its educational program is conducted at the amphitheater of the Red Cross State Hospital.

-It promotes Classical Homeopathy by adopting the Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, a method that fully respects Homeopathic Laws and thus is at the same time scientific and therapeutically effective

-It unites scientists with respect to their scientific independence, who offer selflessly and with joy to their new colleagues and to society

-It keeps uploading numerous informational, scientific and educational data (articles, books, lessons, videos, etc.) at its web page giving to scientists and to the general public access to knowledge about Homeopathy and general health matters

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